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All Florida Scrap Metal, Inc. was established in 1953 by George Kram. We are a third generation family owned and operated corporation that is a global leader in the ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling industry. We maintain the highest quality standards in our customer service by providing the best prices from the COMEX and LME markets and through the process of weighing your scrap metal on our certified digital scales.

We are committed to constantly improving every aspect of our company, delivering consistent and reliable service & products to our clientele. The success of our business has been through long term business relationships with suppliers and end users, which is a quality we have maintained for three generations.

At All Florida Scrap Metal, Inc., we consider it our environmental responsibility and fundamental priority to promote recycling and ecologically friendly activities to reduce the impact on our environment.

Using recycled metal saves up to 74% energy and 40% water consumption, which reduces air pollution by 86% and water pollution by 76%.

$$$ Recycle today and get fast cash! We pay top prices on aluminum, copper, brass, and ferrous metals. Guaranteed! $$$


Retail Scale Trade
We purchase all ferrous and non-ferrous metals including copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, wire. Bring your scrap metal waste to our facility to be recycled. We will weigh it on our certified digital scales and pay you the top prices in the market. Guaranteed! Call us today for pricing!

Container Service for Industrial and Commercial Customers
We provide a FREE scrap metal waste management service for hauling large quantities of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Whatever your scrap metal needs and requirements are, we will provide you with containers of all types and sizes free of charge. Call us today to schedule a pickup!

Overseas Steel
We are one of the leading importers and exporters of steel worldwide. We offer full service import/export of steel scrap and best prices in the market! Call today for a list of competitive current prices and let us handle your scrap metal shipments!

Import & Export

If you are interested in Exporting

- Give us a list of each type of metal you would like to ship (description and/or specific commodity type)
- Give us the quantity of each item
- Send us pictures of your scrap metal to
- We will then determine the quality of your scrap and price based off the market at that current time
- Minimum 5 containers per booking for steel exporting

Exporting instructions

Please follow the step by step procedures to ensure a complete transaction:
1) Prepare material either lose, in boxes, or bags as specified in the contract
2) Take a photo of the empty container showing the container number
3) Take a photo of the material when the container is half full
4) Take a photo of the material when the container is full
5) Take a photo of the full container with one door closed showing the container number
6) Take a photo of the full container with both doors closed
7) Take of photo of the closed container showing the seal number
8) Send a packing list of each item, quantity of each, & scale tickets with all documentation (Bill of Lading, invoice, etc.)

Whether you are looking to buy or sell, we look forward to developing new business relationships and giving everyone the same opportunity at scrap success!

Market prices can be found here.

Please contact us for a quote.

Our Address

2710 NW 32nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33142
Office: (305) 633-2241
Fax: (305) 633-0928
**This is our official company email address. Any emails NOT from this address may be a scam. Please contact us immediately if you have any questions or concerns.**


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