Have some Scrap metal? Follow these steps:   

Step 1: Determine the type of material you have. It might help you to visit our acceptable items page. If you are not sure, don't worry! We can help out based on a few questions or pictures. 

Step 2: Call or Email us. Ask us the going rate for the specific material you have.

Step 3: Bring your material in for unloading, grading and weighing. First come, first serve, no appointment needed! Reconfirm pricing prior to unloading!

Step 4: Get PAID immediately! We offer cash and/or check payments (depending on what the law allows per your transaction; see Fl. Statue 538.18-538.28).

Step 5: Leave us a review on google, or send us an email with praise or constructive criticism. All comments are appreciated.


  • Unless otherwise specified in writing, all pricing and quotes are subject to change. Please see TIPS page for further information and helpful points.

  • Per Florida law, all sellers must be the age of 18 or older, with a valid government issued ID, and the scrap must delivered by a motor vehicle.

  • Florida law also regulates the sale of many items, requiring that the seller present reasonable proof of ownership of the goods being sold, or reasonable proof of authorization to sell the property. To see the list of regulated items requiring proof of ownership, please refer to Fl. Statue 538.18-538.28.