Items we DO NOT accept!

  • Hazardous Waste

  • Vehicles (Automobiles, Boats, Trailers, Etc...)

  • Greasy or Contaminated Material

  • Tangled Rebar

  • Pressurized Containers / Closed Cylinders

  • Closed Drums / Aerosol Cans / Paint Cans

  • Water Heaters

  • Washers / Dryers

  • Microwaves / Toasters

  • Cardboard

  • Wood

  • Glass

  • Rubber

  • Fiberglass

  • Plastic

  • Dirt

  • Electronic Scrap

    Please call to reconfirm if you are unsure!

Items we accept!

  • Aluminum

    • All grades, all forms

  • Brass / Bronze

    • Yellow, Red, Rod, Manganese, Aluminum Bz, etc...

  • Copper

    • All grades

  • Insulated Copper Wires

  • Iron / Steel

  • Lead

    • Range Lead, Soft Lead, Wheel Weights

  • Lead Acid Batteries

  • Radiators

    • Aluminum, Brass, Copper/Aluminum

  • Stainless Steel

    • 300 series, Non magnetic.

  • Zinc

    • Anodes, Die cast, etc..

  • And More!



Awnings, Beverage Cans, Auto Castings, Extrusions, Fences, Gutters, Lithographic Sheets, Old Sheets, Screening, Shutters, Siding, Turnings, Transmissions, Window Frames, Wheels, ETC...


Bushings, Faucets, Gears, Keys, Meters, Plumbing, Pipes, Radiators, Rods, Spent Shells, Statues, Stampings, Shavings, Utensils, Valves, ETC...


Busbar, Bare Wire, Old/New Tubing, Plumbing, Insulated Wire (Appliance cords, Electrical wire, MCM, Romex, Data Cable, URD, X-Mas Lights, etc...), ETC...


Angle Iron, Burglar Bars, Cast Iron Tubs, Wall Studs, File Cabinets, Fittings, Machinery, Pipes, Rebars, Shutters, Stampings, Weights, Valves, ETC...


Auto Batteries, A/C Radiators, Electric Motors, Refrigerator Compressors, Stainless Steel, Lead (sheet & wheel weights), Zinc Die Cast, ETC...